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Technique Classes

technique classes of tango buenos airesIn technique classe frequently an observation from the eye of a professional can change a dance.

These tango classes in Buenos Aires are designed to consolidate intermediate or advanced dancer’s abilities to master the art.

In the Divino Estudio Del Abasto we think that technique is only a tool. We ask for each student’s creativity.
We try to help the students to find their hidden defects.



Female Technique Classes

The best female dancers have to adapt their dance and have pleasure with any dancer.
Many female dancers have specific doubts that need to be resolved in order to perfect their dance such as forced posture, difficulty in spins, sensation of weight and not being able to flourish.
These classes are designed to consolidate intermediate or advanced dancer’s abilities.

female technique classes of tango



Special Technique Classes: Flourishing

Flourishing evokes femininity, the control over music and subtlety. Flourishing lessons offer exercises so as to later on the floor. You can spontaneously flow moving with beauty, spontaneity and grace.

We have designed special technique classes to appropriate music. This connection with music is fundamental to feel pleasure during the flourishing movements.
Our flourishing technique classes also use balance exercises and dynamism of movements.

tango technique lessons buenos aires