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Private Tango Classes

private tango classes luciana rial

Private tango classes can be a great introduction to the dance, without the anxiety of performing in front of other students.

A pair of students can take private tango classes to be in an intimate space where they can really feel the passion of the dance.

Private tango classes are also ideal for any dancer looking to correct their form, with the exclusion attention of the teacher.

Finally, private tango classes are recommended for people with only a limited time in Buenos Aires, so that you can learn more quickly in that short period.

Intense and Dynamic

Private classes are extremely flexible, tailored to the goals and learning style and of the student. Hours are likewise flexible, and we’ll work with you to arrange a convenient time.

At Divino Estudio del Abasto, we have introductory tango packages as well as advanced packages and those for particular aspects of dance. For example, we have private classes in milonga, creole waltz, turns, posture, female technique, embellishments, etc.

You can start any time

Private tango classes are often the ideal introduction for those who want to dance but not in front of others at first. Private classes can give you the confidence to take group classes and even go out to a milonga. It’s never too late to start dancing!


In the Divino Estudio Del Abasto, our teachers speak english.