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Luciana Rial: A “Tanguera” From Buenos Aires

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Luciana Rial
Born In the City That Never Sleeps

Luciana Rial was born on a hot January day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She grew up in a small apartment on a big avenue, where thousands of brightly-lit cars passed by day and night. When she was little, Luciana always pretended she was a dancer. Her mother remembers how Luciana would go to sleep with her dance shoes still on. No one in her family danced tango, but her grandfather cleaned the house singing fragments of tangos by Pugliese.

Luciana Rial Discovering Tango

At age 16, Luciana Rial entered tango school. From the moment of her first tango embrace, she was smitten. She didn’t understand it, but she knew that at that instant, her life had changed forever.

Luciana studied under various tango professionals. She remembers “El Tigre,” who taught her not to be afraid of the dance floor. Javier Rodriguez, the great tango dancer, was the other towering figure who taught her to leave self-criticism aside and return to the love of dancing.

In 2003 Luciana Rial moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she learned other kinds of dance: ballet and barre a terre with Marilda Flores, and Brazilian dance with Joao Carlos Ramos.

Luciana Rial : Living To Love Tango

Upon returning to Argentina, she started studying for a degree in art, and in 2010 Luciana Rial opened the doors of Divino Estudio Del Abasto. The tango studio in the heart of the city fused her three passions: tango, art, and the pleasures of life.

Luciana believes that dancing tango is an integral experience that requires feeling comfortable and happy, as when one is amongst friends. That’s why classes at Divino Estudio are different. Designed for coming together, leading or letting yourself be led, enjoying a glass of wine and enjoying the movement of your body. Far from being a disciplinarian, Luciana believes learning tango should be easy and fun.

With her own feminine and sensual style, Luciana brings years of teaching and artistic experience from her long and passionate journey in the world of tango.

Luciana Rial offers classes and events in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English.


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